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What is best way to repair scratched XBOX360 DISC?

March 6, 2011 by  
Filed under Video Games F&Q

My daughter scratched brand new 75.00 game, took it to Family Video to repair and now the disc won’t
even load the game. Any products that repair games? Thanks

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4 Responses to “What is best way to repair scratched XBOX360 DISC?”
  1. xi Used Logicx says:

    take it to hawk shop. they have a machine that they will put the disk in and it completely restores and lost data on a disk from scratching. one time i got mad at a game and ripped the disk out of my ps3. and a massive scratch was on it now and hawk shop fixed it for like 5 dollars and it was running perect again.

    good luck on fixing it

  2. Jamie says:

    heres what i do (honestly):
    run the cd under a tap
    get a very soft cloth and wipe it very gently.
    u may need to let it dry out but dont put too much water on it as it will smear if u do

  3. Eli Samman says:

    If it is barely scratched I suggest you clean it with an alcohol cloth…if it is really damaged i suggest you trade it in for a used version OR rent the game at blockbuster or something and try to install the rented version onto your hard drive and use the damged disc to play the game AFTER you have installed the game to your hard drive

  4. ARA says:


    Is the top (the colored part) scratched, or the plastic reflective bottom of the disc?

    If the top is scratched, you are SOL. The top is where all the data is stored. If it’s the bottom, what I have always done, and it has ALWAYS worked, is to put Brasso on it. Brasso will scratch it, yes, but it will “sand” just a microscopic amount off of the plastic at the bottom, and will remove the scratch (unless it’s REALLY deep.) Polish it going with the disc in circular motions. It’s worked on every video game and CD I’ve ever tried it on. I don’t recommend doing it more than once or twice though. If you polish it too thin, it could shatter.

    If none of the other advice works, try that.

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